Never alone in the dark.


Drake Lighting, Inc. was founded in 2014.  We are a customer-focused distributor of ETL certified FAA obstruction lighting, electrical supplies and monitoring solutions.

Located in Mayfield, KY the company is the American distributor for Technostrobe, Inc.

Our Goal is Simple: Provide our customers with FAA obstruction lighting solutions that are

“Easy to Order, Easy to Handle, Easy to Install”






Drake Lighting is dedicated to providing the very best products for Aviation Obstruction Lighting.   The products we offer are compliant to FAA 150/5345-53D - Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program.   You can find all of our products listed in the current Addendum to AC 150/5345-53D.

We offer lighting for all applications where obstructions need to be visible to pilots.  
​​​​​​​(Communications Towers, Wind Turbines, Tall Structures, Chimney Stacks, Flare Stacks, Water Tanks, and Buildings)

We offer Red Obstruction Lighting, Medium Intensity Obstruction Lighting, and High Intensity Obstruction Lighting.

If you have a need for marking a structure we have a solution that will work for you.

Wind Turbine Lighting

LIDSTM Technology: Community-friendly dimming solutions.

Using the leading-edge Technology for a greater level of community acceptance


With over 60 years of combined industry experience our staff can assist with all of your tower lighting needs.

 If you don't understand something about aviation obstruction lighting requirements we have the team with the answer.

Easy to Order, Easy to Handle, Easy to Install


Our team of experienced tower lighting industry professionals is based out of Mayfield Kentucky.  
​​​​​​​We are driven by customer service and a passion for innovative lighting solutions.

We invite you to discover the numerous features that all point to the same focus; delivering aviation obstruction lighting solutions that are Easy to Order, Easy to Handle and Easy to Install.

Red Only ​​​​​​​
L-864  |  Red (Only)

Low Intensity

Off - Day  |  Red - Night


L-865  |  L-864  |  L-810
Medium Intensity

White - Day  |  Red - Night

White (Only)

​​​​​​​L-865  |  L-864 (White)

Medium Intensity

White - Day  |  White - Night

White Only

L-856  |  L-865 White (Only)

​​​​​​​NO - Antenna Beacon

High Intensity

White - Day  |  White - Twilight  |  White - Night

FAA Style C​​​​​​​

Text...White Only

L-856  |  L-865 White (Only)

WITH - Antenna Beacon

High Intensity

White - Day  |  White - Twilight  |  White - Night

FAA Style F​​​​​​​


L-856  |  L-865  |  L-864

WITH - Antenna Beacon

​​​​​​​High Intensity

White - Day  |  White - Twilight  |  Red - Night

FAA Style G​​​​​​​


L-856  |  L-865  |  L-864

NO - Antenna Beacon

High Intensity

White - Day  |  White - Twilight  |  Red - Night

High Intensity LED

Change how you see high intensity obstruction lighting.  

Stop using the same old model with everything on the tower.   

Learn how our approach takes advantage of new technologies.

​​​​​​​One fixture one solution

Contact us today for a FREE assessment to convert your tower lighting to LED obstruction lighting equipment.

Let our company assist you to lower the average operating cost.